Hashtags Searcher – The Guide On the Best Tool

The owners of Instagram businesses, influencers, and simple Insta-users put hashtags in captions. Hashtags do not just make your content searchable but really boost the reach of your posts. But you need to know several tips and use hashtags automated searchers instead of guessing hashtags. Toolzu Hashtags finder is a free and truly working generator of hashtags. Let me introduce its perks and teach you some practical techniques I use. 

Why use Toolzu Hashtags research

After research, I picked this Hashtags generator over others because of:

  1. Target searching. A user can input 5 keys  – words or phrases which make the browsing results relevant. Moreover, the mechanism is more advanced if compared to the in-app discovery. The recommended hashtags have key in various positions beginning, ending, and middle. 
  2. Cross-linguistic search. You can enter keywords in various languages and characters, and the Generator shows the most suitable hashtags. 
  3. Extensive database. The library of hashtags holds up to 12 mln of tags, and it’s frequently refreshed. Very convenient is that Toolzu bans restricted bu IG hashtags and don’t show them among the results. 
  4. Sound hashtags order. The hashtags you get after choosing to generate are classified considering the challenge of showing in the TOP. Often used, too broad tags are listed in the group High,  and the rare and less competitive are Low. We’ll make a mix together. 
  5. Precise stats on hashtags. To view the details on every tag, you need to tap its name. In a new window, you’ll see expected time in the Top, normal likes number on posts. That’s how you’ll estimate the opportunities your photo can stick to the TOP of this tag feed. 

Let me show you how to take advantage of the Generator functions. 

Instagram Hashtag Generator – full guide

The primary thing you need is going through 2-clicks registrations. Open the Hashtags finder and follow my steps. 

#1 Keywords research

If you are hashtagging for business, I recommend that you prepare the keywords sorted according to the products and services. You can even pick some of your SEO keys. Use 5 per one search:

Keywords research

Also, take advantage of using various languages if you work for external markets. 

The other ways to research are based on AI. You can paste a URL to some of your posts on IG. Also, you are free to paste any image to the Generator, and it advises hashtags. 

#2 Make the right proportion

Make the right proportion

As I mentioned, hashtags are grouped by difficulty. You need all of these groups but in a precise balance. Follow my formula to succeed:

High hashtags 1-3 + Medium 6-10 + Low 10-20 = Good set

We need the least of the High group cause these hashtags are hard to compete. They are very broad and never followed by users. Low hashtags allow your post to appear in the TOP for a longer time, and more people discover you. 

The limit is 30 hashtags in one caption. 

#3 Prepare several sets

Don’t stop when you finished picking hashtags and copied them. The rule of promotions is never repeating a set. This means you can switch the order of hashtags and add some newly discovered. Also, your set should correlate to every post content you make. 

Track the combinations in a document or a promotion plan. 

#4 Measure the effectiveness

Finally, you need to analyze how this or that hashtags influenced a post’s reach. Open the Instagram post-discovery and view how many impressions you got from Hashtags. 

If you can’t track this data, switch your profile to business. Measure the results systematically and test new combinations. 

Also, hashtags put in caption rather than comments work better. 


Employing an automated generator of hashtags simplifies your content strategy and make the hashtagging wise. Don’t get upset if the first trial wasn’t traffic-boosting – test and explore new hashtags as a part of your routine. Try Toolzu and make the hashtagging smart and simple! 

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