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Launched in and acquired by Facebook inInstagram has taken the mobile photo-sharing niche by storm, with no signs of stopping soon. With celebrities announcing marriages, babies, music and more on the social media platform, it’s safe to say it all went down on IG this year and celebrities have the increased following to prove it. Well, you’re just going to have to scroll on down to find out! Kim Kardashian. Well, it looks like another person is now the most popular on Instagram. On Monday, the publication reported Gomez’s title, which she held for the past two years , as the most followed individual on the social media network has officially been stripped. So, who is now at the top? Speaking of the number of followers, Instagram has gone really crazy!

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This statistic presents the most followed Instagram accounts as of May Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had the most followers on Instagram with more than. Apr 16, – As the digital age evolves, new channels such as Instagram influencer marketing sometimes performs even better than Facebook Ads at a.

Updated February 14, Instagram recently announced it reached million users! But in order to expedite this growth , I find it helpful to establish a regiment, a routine. Recently, I developed a focused strategy to help one of my clients—a B2C e-commerce brand—to curate a massive following 25, to be exact. In the world of Instagram , musicians, reality stars, and soccer players rule. Our top spot may be a surprise pick to our North American readers, but anyone in a football-playing country will be immediately familiar with the work of Cristiano Ronaldo. A Portuguese football player, Ronaldo began playing professional football for Manchester United in , becoming their first Portuguese player and, at the time, the most expensive player in history.

Some celebs even have Instagram follower counts that are higher than the population counts of entire nations. To illustrate, Canada has about 37 million citizens, and Canadian Justin Bieber has over million Insta-fans worldwide. In , Selena Gomez was knocked out of her spot as the no. Take a look at the other top-ranking celebs with the most Instagram followers below — in reverse order — as of January Getty Images.

Scan these Instagram stats that show its breadth and depth worldwide. Then use them to shape your Instagram marketing strategy. Well, over an eighth of the 7. A look at some Instagram user statistics to keep close to your marketing cuff. Selena Gomez lost an Instagram title today, although just barely. The singer has been dethroned as the platform’s most followed woman and second most followed user by Ariana Grande. Grande now has ,, followers to Gomez’s ,, followers as of press time:. Gomez was Instagram’s most followed user period up until the end of October when Cristiano Ronaldo took her top spot. What kind of posts work best?

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Who has the most Instagram followers? With around 1bn monthly active users , Instagram is a massive platform and hugely popular all over the world. With the rise of influencers, people can even make a living there or at least get some free stuff. Global pop star Katy Perry sits in 20th place although she still has the most followed account on Twitter. Post a Comment. Thursday, March 7, Find top Instagram influencers to work with. Sepia-toned, black-and-white, or in 70s Kodachrome color—food can get bland fast. Some funny social media posters have cornered the market on funny when it comes to posting on Instagram. Check out 14 hilarious Instagram accounts that are guaranteed to add some much-needed humor.

About this statistic. About this statistic. Show source. Facebook used to be the social media platform everyone wanted to be on, but these days, especially for celebrities, Instagram has absolutely taken over. Overall, Instagram has an impressive user base, having reached a billion monthly active users in June of Whether you are a brand, celebrity, athlete, singer, or influencer, Instagram has become the go-to platform for connecting with your audience. Between regular posts and Instagram Stories which has really taken off — sorry Snapchat! And while many of us have managed to garner a few hundred followers on the platform, celebs have raked in tens of millions – here are the most followed accounts.

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Instagram is one of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms. With over million users, there are lots of accounts with large followings. The official Instagram account has million followers, making Instagram the most followed account on the platform. Famous Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has a worldwide following, ranking him as 2 in terms of Instagram followers, with million followers at the end of Pop singer Selena Gomez has the third largest Instagram following at million followers. About this statistic.

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Login Signup. Cristiano Ronaldo has overtaken Selena Gomez as the most-followed person on Instagram. The Portuguese footballer now has , followers on the photo-sharing platform, whereas the pop singer had just , at the time of writing. Instagram is a platform to share photos and videos from a phone. It is similar to other social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. Registered in Ireland:

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One of the best ways to learn more about how to get more followers on Instagram is to look at the most followed users. The actual Instagram account reigns supreme, but after it, there are a mixture of celebrities taking up the top 25 spots on the website. Email address:. Instagram recently announced it reached 1 billion monthly active users. Along with business accounts, influencer marketing is also on the rise. Instagram sets a great example for brands who truly want to engage an audience on their app. Instagram also does a good job of promoting their stories and IGTV show about celebrities, wildlife, and other culturally relevant topics. They post original content that highlights upcoming episodes, but the posts read more like a feature story than an advertisement, which sparks more interest in the show. National Geographic hires the most talented photographers in the world, so their Instagram posts of landscapes, cityscapes, and the surrounding life always seem to be awe-inspiring. But they also know their followers prefer not to leave the app.


Click on the Add to next to any video to save to your queue. Click on the Add to next to any article to save to your queue. Click on the Add to next to any podcast episode to save to your queue. Since its introduction in October , Instagram has grown into a social media staple across the world, boosted further by its subsequent affiliation with Facebook. Over time, these people and businesses reach a league of their own and were termed “social media influencers” or just ” influencers. Whether we use it to keep up with our friends or to follow our favorite celebs , Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms of all time. This list contains the top 50 accounts with the most followers on the photo and video-sharing social platform Instagram.

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