Add A Spoon Of Sugar: What Font Does Instagram Use?

Does your profile boring and uninteresting? However, you are doing everything to attract a new audience! Maybe, you have missed one important detail?! This detail is the font. Do you know that using an original approach to the design of the Instagram page will make the profile memorable and interesting for visitors? 

The easiest and most original way to make your profile different from other similar – to change the design of the text in the bio or account name. Using an unusual font will help to create a page in a single design style. Profiles that use interesting styles and effects in the text will always be beneficial to stand out and like visitors.

It’s no secret that in the first few seconds the user makes his opinion about the page, deciding whether to follow or not. If you properly arrange the data in the information about yourself, it will interest the visitor, so the number of followers will constantly grow. What font does Instagram use? Many services allow you to turn printed text into capital, as well as choose beautiful handwriting. Also, there are many rules and a wide range of IG fonts which can help to make your acc so attractive to people! 

How to make an attractive Instagram?

When a new person comes to your profile, it should surprise the aesthetic component. If he likes everything he will press the coveted button for you “Follow”. If everything is typical and dull, he will pass by. This is important: the overall “mood profiles”, combinations of colors, the combination of symbols among themselves. 

If you are a blogger or keep a trading page, then you can attract more audience with the help of interesting text. Let’s analyze the important rules of creating a good IG profile.

  • Presence of paragraphs

Solid text, especially if it is more than 500 characters, no one will read. The best option for Instagram is to use paragraphs. You can write text in a third-party application or notes and copy the text from there to Instagram. 

But there is another way. When you finish a paragraph, you do not need to put a space after the last word before you press “Enter”. Then the new sentence will be written on a new line. You can use dots to further break the text. That is, after finishing the sentence without a space to press “enter”. To press the point, and again without space to press “Enter”.

  1. Using smiles for numbering

On Instagram, you can use smiles to number lists and it will look very laconic. Most bloggers and stores use the same template of smiles to make each new post clear and familiar to followers. Creating a new list item is done by the previous item (via the “Enter” button). 

  1. The text in the center

To surprise your audience, you can write text in the center (the standard option is to align the text to the left). To center the description of the post, you need to go to the profile through the browser in the section of its editing and by clicking “Enter”, make paragraphs in the right places. At the same time before the line, you need to add a certain number of spaces. Be sure to check how the text looks in the mobile version.

  1. Hashtags in comments

To avoid distractions from the text, do not write hashtags immediately after the text. Take them out in the comments, and then your post will be able to find other readers, and your audience you will not annoyed by “#”.

When the reader comes to your post, he sees that the text is not overloaded by “#” and understands that you treat it with respect, that is, do not force to read a lot of unnecessary things. 

  1. Unusual fonts

The unusual Instagram font will allow paying attention to your post to more users of the social network. What font does Instagram use? By default, all text elements are covered by the same standard font. However, you may have noticed that it differs for some users, for example, in the account description or in the captions under the photos. 

Different fonts for Instagram: What to choose?

Special fonts for Instagram can be used to highlight important thoughts, which will help to perceive information more easily. However, whatever style is used, the main thing, of course, is the meaning, the message. Therefore, you need to accompany the text with a cool font on Instagram. 

New York

In total, to give an additional effect to your message, you can use 7 IG fonts:

  • Strikethrough – displayed as a horizontal line that runs throughout the word/sentence. It is mainly used to create an error effect.
  • Default font underline – is carried out by means of a horizontal strip that can pass from above, below or immediately on both sides. Most often this style is used in the design of the name in the description. For example, for a company or product name.
  • Italics – a common method of selecting quotes.
  • Bold – usually this font is used in case of highlighting the main idea or keywords.
  • Blue highlighting – this technique is mainly used to create hyperlinks.
  • Mirroring – text is displayed in reverse order. Interesting effect, but abusing it is clearly not worth it.
  • Replacement of letters with symbols – most often can be found in the description of the account.

A unique font can be very useful, but the main thing is not to forget about such a parameter of the text as readability; beautiful letters will not help hide errors or lack of meaning. So before you change the font on Instagram, it is better to double-check the text itself.

Let’s consider all the mentioned information in detail:

  • Strikethrough font

This technique allows you to make the text more alive, with a large presence of the author and some effect of “thoughts aloud”. In the Instagram network, this type of formatting is not uncommon, often people use it to highlight a certain thought or word because crossed out letters – this is the first thing that catches the eye.

What font does Instagram use? It is the most popular one. Often it is used for fun. For example, you can use it as if to remove the written phrase/word, and then continue to write a correctly formulated sentence. If used correctly, this style of design can bring a lot of benefits, but cross out everything is not necessary, one phrase/word per paragraph will be enough.

  • Underline and strikethrough

Underlined text, as well as bold, is used primarily to highlight important points in the text. Basically, these are the names of companies, websites or advertised products, in general, some of the most key points.

To the phrase, “top underline” is appropriate to apply the previous type of design, namely strikethrough font. Because this type of underlining simply does not exist, it is not for nothing that this word uses the prefix “under”. 

  • The use of italics

This type of formatting is not in vain used primarily for the design of quotations, because it looks like handwritten text. It can be found in many social networks because quotes in this environment are used very often. However, the use of italics is not limited to this.

The list of elements, where this style is appropriate, is very extensive, it is used in the performance of such purposes:

  • Highlighting foreign words – if the entire text is written in one language, but there are several foreign inclusions, they can be italicized. This sometimes looks far more apropos quotes.
  • Book titles – this includes not only books, but also music albums, works of art, movies and TV shows, Newspapers, and magazines.
  • Highlighting the main idea – almost every selection format can serve for this purpose, and this is no exception.
  • Numbers – important numbers in the text can also be written in italics.
  • To indicate opposition or comparison – used to pay attention of the reader to the difference. 

What font does Instagram use

These tools are universal and can greatly help in the preparation of the text, while it does not look very catchy.

  • The selection of blue color

On Instagram, hashtags are highlighted in blue by default. These are special hyperlinks, they are designed to speed up the search system. That is, by clicking on it, the user will see all posts using the same tag. Therefore, the selection of hashtags is a very important point in the conduct of the profile, because it depends on how often users will stumble on your photo.

To add a tag, simply put a lattice (#) in front of the word, the space between them is unnecessary. If several words are used in the role of a hashtag, then they should be written also without spaces, together.

  • Bold font

Bold is designed to highlight a certain part of the text so that it immediately caught the reader’s eye. Like all other types of formatting, this tool can be used both correctly and incorrectly, to begin with, let’s look at examples where it will be appropriate:

  • Headings – if the text contains several sections, it is necessary to highlight their names.
  • Terms – important definitions can be highlighted in bold.

Now let’s look at examples where bold should not be used:

  • Words are taken out of context, without a complete thought. For example, the word “not” cannot be singled out. That is, in the phrase “does not apply” to process both words in bold.
  • Large parts of the text. Very often, users allocate almost half of what is written, perhaps, of course, information and important, but the main idea should be concise. And if the author has not been able to define it, it means that you don’t really understand what is written.

The bold font on Instagram is quite catchy and immediately attracts attention, but you need to use it in moderation, highlighting only the most important thing.

  • Mirror image

The effect of “mirror” is used as decoration of the text, it has no special practical value. It is often used to process some elements in the description of the page, as well as when adding a comment. It can be used on some obvious phrase, the outlines of the letters of which the reader will understand the meaning.

Different fonts for Instagram

This style of formatting, though not very practical value, but, with proper use, can make the text more interesting.

  • Writing text with symbols

This category includes both regular symbols and smiles. Now many people are interested, for example, how to make letters in circles. The answer to this question is very simple – it’s just ready-made characters, with letters and numbers. Roman numbers, arrows, geometric shapes, zodiac signs, and others, now, in fact, you can write the whole text with such symbols!

Best font for Instagram: What font does Instagram use?

Instagram’s built-in fonts don’t always satisfy users’ wishes. However, you can make Instagram stories and posts more interesting with unique stylized fonts. Such fonts have some special programs. For example, Fonts for Instagram. The service allows you to experiment with different formats and design options. You just need to enter a few words and the application will automatically generate a variety of design options for your text. 

Fonts For Instagram

One of the main advantages is that you can immediately see all the available options in a list. It is easier than entering text, choose a font and each time to evaluate the result. The number of fonts is limited to 30 PCs.

Final word 

People go where it’s interesting. Useful, attractive and regularly updated content will be appreciated by your current and future followers. So do not lose sight of any detail, try to interest a random user and make it your follower.

However, the main thing to remember is that the text design is not everything, because Instagram, first of all, specializes in photos, which means that we need high-quality and interesting photos. So, keep in mind, that on the first stage stays semantic component and only then – external kind of text.

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